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We are grumpy happy marriage in our fourties, expats from Poland to Scotland in 2013. Sometimes we have nice photo to share, but we hate all comercial "free" and "safe" and "you-have-your-rights-if-license-does-not-say-other-way" services and "social" media in all, so here we are - on our server with our content and control.

Galleries/photos came after trips across Scotland (mostly - we have choosen Scotland for reason...), UK, Europe and world, typically. But everything is possible, stay tuned, be warned.

As mentioned, we do not like "social" media, so do not look for facebook "like" button or "share" or similar tools here, please. If you want to share, we trust you find the way. If you want to contact, email boniCUTTHIS@clouds-forge.eu. If you want to keep an eye on this site, there is RSS feed with latest entries.

Technical details: most of photos has taken with mobiles. Best ones and panoramas with HTC One V, in my opinion, very good job for mobile. Not-so-good, probably with some old motorola or nokia (or no-name dashcam from our car). Most of photos has posted "as is", sometimes cropped or fixed "glueing" details on panoramas or so; never used heavy filters or photoshopping - even if sometimes looks like, it's simple light and air... and HTC's camera algorithmes.

(edit Aug 2015 - more we shoot, we use more and more two bridge Fujifilm cameras, old S5700 and not-so-old X-S1)

All sub-site and all photos are under Creative Commons, attribution, non commercial, non-derivative 3.0 license, unless stated otherwise on specific photo page. You could always ask for other license, if you need.


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